Canopy Covers

The Most Stunning Canopy Covers Are Here


Sinco Gates is a leading supplier of high-quality canopy covers in Vancouver. We are committed to providing high-quality canopy covers and related products to people looking for unmatched privacy, visual appeal, UV protection, and usability.

We have a wide and versatile collection of canopy covers that provide superior levels of safety against rain and harsh sunlight. Whether you want to relish a perfect weekend with your family or friends or enjoy rain under the shelter, our canopy covers are a perfect solution for all your needs.

Residential Aluminum Railings

Stair Railings and Handrails

A Wide Range of Canopy Covers To Choose From

All our products are made of sturdier materials, therefore, you can rest assured about their durability. Our covers are:

  • Simple and quick to install
  • Ensure optimum protection
  • Safeguard against UV
  • Last long

Be it any kind of application, our canopy covers guarantee all-round protection from extreme heat, rail and other adverse elements.

In terms of size, Sinco Gates’s canopy covers come in a wide range of sizes and materials.

  • Length - 19ft - 35ft
  • Width range - 84", 96", 100", 108", 120", & 132" which relies directly on the chosen length
  • Choose from various materials, available in every size

Depending on the sort of lift you have, our canopy covers are available in a few different forms. The majority of lifts either have a lower-profile frame or a canopy frame in the pitched form. The first and most crucial step in purchasing a new cover is determining what brand and model of your lift is. Nobody wants to order the incorrect thing, have it shipped out, and then discover it is the wrong size because the client didn't take the time to measure accurately and isn't considering having to pay shipping expenses to have the incorrect item mailed back out. To get the greatest cover, take the proper measurements.


Our Canopy Covers Are an Ideal Combination of Beauty and Functionality

Sinco Gates is a leading manufacturer of gates & fencing in Vancouver. The brand has become synonymous with perfection in the field of canopies. Our canopy covers present a perfect combination of beauty, functionality, and durability.

With a unique solvent coating that protects the strong textile from moisture while creating an armor to ward off surface abrasion and prevent fraying. It has an extremely light, abrasion-resistant, and breathable design.

To know about our canopy covers and other products, contact us today.