Mobile Sandblasting Service and Zinc Coating

Sinco Gates is one of the leading providers of mobile sandblasting and zinc coating services in Vancouver, Canada. Being the most widely preferred way of surface preparation for powder coating, sandblasting and zinc coating processes, we have kept our in-house abrasive blasting capabilities. The first and most crucial stage in creating a finish that lasts is excellent surface preparation; otherwise, failing to properly prepare the substrate virtually ensures the failure of your finish. Since it performs the best, sandblasting has been our go-to method for several years.

Sinco Gates can handle all of your cleaning needs, including delicate coating removal from wood surfaces, health-sensitive reduced-silica-exposure applications, and heavy-duty industrial cleaning. To ensure that your project is ready to succeed, we deliver 300cfm of air and more than 200' of line reach to the job site in a self-contained 16-foot trailer.

A leader in mobile sandblasting service

Most folks are familiar with traditional dry sandblasting, which releases clouds of hazardous silica dust into the air and surrounding the job site. Although Sinco Gates always uses the proper job site and environmental safety procedures and equipment, dry sandblasting is still the most popular type of abrasive blasting in the business. Despite this, the process is still messy. Sometimes work requires absolutely no airborne pollutants. We provide Dustless Blasting in a flexible transportable blasting device for those jobs. The Mobile Eco-Blaster from Sinco Gates disperses blast abrasive in a water-based mixture with zero dust emissions.

To further reduce workplace and environmental risks without sacrificing quality or efficiency, our Dustless Blasting employs the silica-free, eco-friendly abrasive. Compared to other surface preparation techniques, the time to the following phase is significantly shorter. Most importantly, Dustless Blasting is always non-toxic, non-aerosol, and totally containable, unlike chemical strippers that do not prepare the surface for the next coating as blasting does.

Similarly, our zinc coating services are top-notch and guarantee high levels of satisfaction to our clients.

One Service, Many Applications

Any surface that you would wish to recoat can be prepared by our mobile sandblasting service along with zinc coating, as can many others that you just want to clean up and restore to their former glory.

  • Structures: wooden, brick, concrete, and metal
  • Patios, driveways, and walkways for homes
  • Agriculture, construction, and transportation heavy machinery
  • mining, agriculture, and oil and gas industries
  • public facilities, such as dams, power plants, and bridges
  • Sporting goods and stadium seats
  • furniture and play areas outside
  • Public art
  • the hulls and machinery of ships
  • Automotive
  • gates, fencing, and railings
  • Garden and lawn tools