Slide Swing Gates

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Sinco Gates designs, manufactures and installs high quality custom-made gates for residential, industrial and commercial applications. Each product is specifically curated and manufactured to our customer’s specifications. We manufacture gates made of materials like Steel, Aluminum, or Glass. Our gates are designed to complement your property’s architecture and made to perfectly fit your property’s measurements.

Sinco Gates designs, manufactures and installs high quality custom-made gates for residential, industrial and commercial applications. Each product is individually designed and manufactured to our customers’ specifications. We manufacture gates made of Aluminum, Steel or Glass. Our gates are designed to complement your property’s architecture and made to perfectly fit your propertys' measurements.

Slide Swing Gates

V-Track Slide Gates

  • Sliding Gates are widely used in residential and commercial applications
  • Sliding Gates slide horizontally back and forth across the gate opening
  • Sliding Gates uses V-Groove wheels and a V-track that has been installed on the ground. The V-Groove wheels ride along the track, much like many department store automatic doors
  • Guiding Rollers are used to guide the gate on its path and keep the gate upright
  • Sliding Gates are commonly automated using Automatic Sliding Gate Openers
  • Automated Sliding Gates are quite reliable, however, in areas where there is a lot of snow, ice or debris, the wheels could be obstructed hindering the motion of the gate. In such areas, Cantilever Sliding Gates are preferred

V-Track Slide Gates

Cantilever Slide Gates

  • ​​​Cantilever Sliding Gates are mostly used in heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications or where there is a lot of snow, ice or debris because they do not have Wheels or Tracks on the ground
  • In a Cantilever Gate system, a Track is attached on the bottom of the gate and Wheel Carriages, fixed on one side of the driveway, are used to support the gate. The Track (hence, the gate) slides on the Wheel Carriages over the driveway
  • Cantilever Sliding Gates are suspended across the gate opening. Cantilever Gates need to be wide enough in order counterbalance the weight
  • Cantilever Sliding Gates can be automated via Automatic Sliding Gate Openers
  • Cantilever Sliding Gates are considered one of the most reliable gating systems

Cantilever Slide Gates

A slide gate is made of a sturdy frame and an internal sliding plate that opens and shuts in opposition to the flow of the bulk material. It is possible to manually, pneumatically, electrically, or hydraulically move the slide plate. SincoGates’s slide gates are available both separately and as a whole in a bulk material handling system.

At Sinco Gates, we focus on quality work and take a personalised approach to every project we work on. It is our constant endeavour to offer our clients nothing but the best quality products that give us an upper hand in the industry.

Slide and Swing Gates That Take Sturdiness To Another Level

Our Slide and Swing Gates greatly improve the efficiency of industrial layout. A screw conveyor can have intermediate discharge points with slide gates attached to it so that bulk materials can be fed to various process lines by opening and closing the slide gates as needed.

Sinco Gates’ SlideandSwingGates are made specifically for your application based on tried-and-true design principles. Our Slide Gates can be used to regulate the flow of bulk materials ranging from freely flowing cement to slow dewatered biosolids.

Big Reasons to Choose Our Slide Swing Gates

  • High-Performance Rollers With Anti-Friction Bearings For Enduring Head Loads
  • High Force Actuators To Cut Through Upset Conditions
  • Heavy-Duty Structural Frames ForImproved Rigidity
  • Dust-Tight Construction To Eliminate Dust Emissions
  • Great for protecting your garden and deterring trespassers.
  • They also assist in keeping your children and pets safe on your property while you are away.
  • They are also smoother to operate and quieter than sliding gates, and they offer an inviting atmosphere to your property. Our swing gates only need little upkeep.
  • Simple to install since you simply need to attach the hinges to its outside posts, lubricant works wonders and keeps the hinges quiet.
  • Due to careful maintenance, our gates won't deteriorate.

We have assisted and met the demands of several property owners in Vancouver and the lower mainland over the years. We guarantee unmatched delivery and installation services in addition to providing top-notch bespoke iron fabrication services and ironworks. We have been a benefit to our sizable clientele base and are experts in producing slide and swing gates made of metal, aluminum, and glass.

Sinco Gates is the most sought-after choice for all your needs related to high-quality slide and swing gates, railings, stairways, and fencing products. And if you're one of the many people who live in Vancouver and the surrounding areas who are unsure whether to choose slide or swing gates, you can stop worrying. We are here to support and direct you in making the best choices.