Modern Picket Design Fence and Gates

At Sinco Gates we are creating unique customized projects and it is our specialty. Custom design and quality of workmanship are what sets us apart.  

We meet and discuss with our clients as many times as needed. Our work is a collaborative process and our clients are personally involved at each stage, from conceptualization to completion, to ensure it’s one-of-a- kind project.  

Challenging projects motivate us.​

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Picket Design Fence and Gates
Modern Design Fence and Gates
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Picket Design Gates and Fence
Modern Design Gates and Fence
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Picket Design Fence and Gates

Metal Gates Fence Design

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A Versatile Collection of Picket Design Fence and Gates

SincoGates’ picket design fence and gates boast simple, clean lines that allow for a vast range of applications, including prestige and high-security settings. Our modern design fence and gates are adaptable to fit your needs whether they are for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, sports and recreation centers, commercial structures, or military locations. Aluminum fence panels from Sinco Gates are made to your specifications and then powder coated for a gorgeous, maintenance-free finish.

We are experts in almost every type of popular metal gates fence design. Some of our picket design fences and gates are:


We created the Mitre panel to give the classic picket fence design a modern touch. Its name comes from its narrow, elongated pales, which resemble a bishop's mitre. Normally, we only provide this in the form of pre-assembled panels to go with our slotted posts. available in 1 and 1.2-meter heights.


Pre-built panels, or "bays," of picket fencing are delivered and can be utilized with our slotted Jakposts. The panels should be screwed in for security. Depending on your garden, you can choose tops that are pointed or rounded. Available in 1 and 1.2-meter heights.


Picket fencing in the traditional or "kit form" style is intended to be built on location. Pale spacing, pale height, and the capacity to place the fence on challenging locations, such as a steep garden, are all options because rails, posts, and pales are all sold separately. There are several heights of traditional picket fencing with rounded and pointed pales.

The design options are infinite with conventional picket fencing, which lets you express your individuality. A regular picket fence can offer more seclusion if the pales are alternated on either side, which not only looks excellent but also generates a hit-and-miss effect. This layout would be perfect in front gardens if you want to obstruct someone's line of sight. Or in gardens where you need to give dogs greater protection.